Print via Repetier Host, stop, shutdown and retrieve


Is it possible to stop printing, save current position, shutdown the printer and Repetier Host software, after a while, turn everything on and continue printing from the stopped position?



  • No, host will not remember state and printer most likely resets when reconnecting.

    With repetier-server we have a rescue system that might allow to do that if enabled. You could then pause (to be at sane position), unplug usb and then disable printer. Then you can sleep pc. On reconnect the server gui will show a print not finished and offer to continue at last position. If it works depends on the fact if you can restore latest position and if firmware moves axis. E.g. if you have z min homing you can not home z for this. You can define height with G92 to set it to last z but firmware might prevent moves when not homes. xy homing should be no problem. Also if bed gets cold it could loose the print. So function is there but if it can be used depends on printer.
  • Disable printer means also shutdown printer?

  • Disable means no main power, yes. Unplug can be omitted if the port disappears when printer is off, but not all printers do that so I wrote this to be on safe side.
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