Extruder feed rate and time delay between layers

After some experimenting with eeprom parameers, I managed to come up with acceptable valeuse for feed rate and steps/mm.
Currently, I have 1200steps/mm and 3mm/sec.. and printout looks like adequate quantity of ABS is deposited by the nozzle.

However, the filament retraction behaves funny.. if I set 1300 steps/mm, th efilament retracts for 20mm or more.. with 1200step/mm the retraction seems to be around 2mm, but there is a dleay, printer waits almost 1 sec with head not moving, befor it stars with the next layer.
What am I doing wrong here?


  • That is not a informer question! Please post in the right categories!

    Also please post what firmware version/board you are using. These things might be importnant as I have never had this problem and without these informations I do not know what to look for.

    Sound like the delay is the time for retracting the filament not retracted. So my first guess is you are loosing steps. Depending on your stepper driver/board you might need a higher STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY or retract slower.
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