Uploading G-Code - Stays Red

Good afternoon everyone.  I have been using Repetier server for about 2 weeks now with zero problems.  I am running the server on a Raspberry Pi 3.  I had to shut down my Pi this morning to move it. After bringing it back up i tried to upload a print and it just stays "ping/red" in the server GUI.  I never get the option to actually print.  Any suggestions on what this could be?


  • Does the waiting icon keep rotating or is the print button red?
    Print button red is only that server computed dimension outside print area but you can still print. It might even that the end gcode is causing this when you go into relative move mode there with G91. In that case add a G90 before the following G28 in your slicer settings. At least new Cura version seem to generate such end code lately.
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