Change in the layer eight when ennabling supports

Sorry if this is a simple question, but I have been unable to find the solutions...

I set 0.2 layer eight everywhere in the slic3r set up. But when I make the slicing allowing supports, it changes the layer hight to 0.15.
Can anyone help me to know which parameter is related to this issue, so I can keep the 0.2 layer eight?

Thanks a lot!
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  • Don't know such an option. All I know is that you can set "First Layer Height" to a different value. So maybe your config with support has this set to 0.15.
  • Thanks for your feedback! I doubled checked it, and no... It is set to 0.2.
    What I do is just to "check" the support option on or off, keeping the rest of the configuration. I do not know why it changes the layer eight...
  • Watch out if you use override settings in host. One of the parameter you use in override is layer height set in host along with infill density and pattern! So if checkbox is selected all values written there are used.
  • Yes, I dissabled the override option to avoid any interference.

    Nevertheless, I also tried the other way: dissable supports in the Slic3r configuration, and override. In this case, I got the same result: it changes the number of layers (and therefore the layer eight) just by selecting (or unselecting) the support option in the override section.

    I still do not know why supports can change the layer eight and therefore the number of layers...
  • One question... If the support has to get to a certain fixed eight to "touch" the supported object, could slic3r recalculate the layer eight/number of layers to ensure the supports arrives exactly the support eight?
  • Ok I see a bit what is happening. I played a bit with it and saw that slic3r does not generate support at same height as regular print. In my case I had 0.2mm layer height, but support was every 0.3mm - guess to speed up printing. I saw no option to influence the support layer height so must be some automatic computation (we did not develop the slicer so no idea how they work internally). So you see a mixture as well I guess. Some layer heights are from supports and some from regular layers. Lately they added a lot of stuff with variable layer heights, so that is most likely one of the things relating to it.  So ignore the "wrong" layer heights - they are just coming from support and should not affect the real print.

    Regading how exact the the support stops before layer - I can't say. Guess they to best to optimize it.
  • It makes sense, thanks a lot for your time and feedback!!
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