Raspberry Pi 4 issues

I am trying to use the free version trial of the Repetier Server on a Raspberry Pi 4B. I am having lots of issues. First of all I cannot get my mouse or keyboard to work - they work fine on the Pi with Raspbian and with other programs. I  have an Onn RF wireless mouse and keyboard. Next, I cannot get the wireless to work - again it works on the pi With Raspbian, but when I install a SD card with the Repetier Server image, it no longer works. Without these two features, I am not willing to move forward into the next steps for putting it into use.


  • That is planned default behaviour to hide mouse since it is designed for touch display. Edit /boot/repetier-image-setup.txt and set HIDE_MOUSE=0 to see the mouse.
    /boot is the window readable partition on the sd card so you can edit in in windows as well.

    Once you have mouse you get go to network and select network and connect. The access point does not work on all devices unless you reduce security to wep in same file. For next image we are dropping networkmanager and switch the default raspbian network handling. Seems like since debian buster the network manager is not as good as in past.
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