Change colorscheme on raspberrry touchscreen

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is it possible to change this yellowish (i think #d39e3b) colour accents on the touch menu?
i found a css with many of these colorcodes at 
How is the address to access this page from a pc browser to inspect all elements?

Would be nice if you can implement a variable wich can be loaded from the settings. Or just a dropdown for different themes

Gute Arbeit! Freue mich auf die nächsten Updates!


  • No easy way available. You can follow and see how to change it, but you need to redo it for updates. In this case it is enough to exchange the css file with new one. So just running the scss variables and recompile and add file.
  • Wich version of npm do you use? with 6.13.4 i get errors..jesus lots of errors, unable to run install. Stuck while compiling gulp-sass
  • Use the same npm version, but sass is always a bit complicated as it includes c++ code from sass dependency I think. Can't say how often I also get stuck at sass parts when something goes wrong. Maybe better wait for next release - have updated a lot there also with newer angular version. Hope I can finish the release soon.
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