Full Stop / Emergency Stop with keyboard hotkey

sometimes a really quick reaction for turning the ermergency button is really useful. Therefore i wonder if you could some option in Repetier Server and Repetier Server monitor to trigger that emergency command by hotkey. That would be helpful.
At the moment i am building up some basic windows tool using the tool "AutoHotKey" and some curl command - but a huge workaround for a simple task (for native Repetier Monitor app)


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    Edit: made it working that way:

    ; use "`" to esacpe percent sign!
    ; you may need to apply this script to your firewall rules to work correctly because there's an outgoing connection

    Run,curl.exe "http://YOURREPETIERHOST:3344/printer/api/myPrinter?apikey=APIKEY?a=send&data=`{`"cmd`"`:`"M112`"`}" --max-time 1

    MsgBox, Triggered emergency stop! Please wait ~15 seconds until Duet 2 recovered
    Please have also look at the screenshot because in this repetier forum the upper posted code will not be displayed correctly. The URL re-renders "data=`%7B`%22cmd`%22`%3A`%22M112`%22`%7D"

    That will trigger M112 command when pressing CTRL + J on your client computer. You will need to compile it with AutoHotKey (super easy task).

    To compile a usable EnergencyStop.exe just download curl.exe for Windows and AutoHotKey.
    Please note that curl.exe and curl-ca-bundle.crt needs to be in the same folder where EnergencyStop.exe is compiled. Otherwise the script won't call it correctly

    Starting the executable will put it minimized to taskbar icons next to date/clock. Then it listens to hotkey input

    Note: just a quick starting point. You can do a lot more stuff with this

  • Nice trick. For emergency stop you should better send command emergencyStop, no data required for it. That is what we send when pressing emergency button.

    Regarding hotkey for such a dangerous action I will not add it natively that way. The chance that it gets send from a user hitting it by accident is just too high. That is also why we have always a at least 2 click solution to prevent accidential clicks.
    Another thing is that you will normally not register problems quickly remotely anyway or you are close to printer where you can also hit reset button / emergency button on printer. That is normally faster then activating browser/monitor and select right printer (also a problem if you have multiple printers - which one to reset?) and hit button.
  • hey, thanks for the info. i understand this :-) But in my case i am building a 3 meter tall hangprinter which electronics are at the top of the machine. There is an emergency button at the machine but if i sit in front of the machine and test gcode (for calibration and other stuff) i just want a quick shortcut to immediately turn off in case i did a wrong command, like a wrong turning G0 command on ABCD axis. Because it leads to de-spool the lines which is heavy risk of having a lot of manual fixing afterwards. I want to omit this by having a good temporary solution to have shortkey access to ergemency control :-)
  • I understand that this solution of you is ok for you - you know what you are doing. So glad you already found a solution that works and maybe with the correct command even faster as it also runs the reset script and reconnects so fastes method will win reset procedure:-)
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