Themperature issue

Hi all,

running  repetier-server fine for months without any issue, right now i have a strange temperature issue, I think a buffer problem but i did not change anything. So, sometime, the print fail at start after heat extruder and bed... for example he said 200 c° but starting in real is a lot of more ( more than 300) so it stop for safety trigger. Some times printing but temperature sways too mutch... like 50 °... I will post 2 pics... For sure you ask me log, just ell me where and how take it correctly :) thank you


  • No need for a log. Temperatures in curve are not possible, especially 40°C change in seconds. So sensor reports wrong temperatures and sooner or later firmware detects this and stops firmware. 
    My guess would be a defect thermistor. Strain causes it to report wrong resistances. Can happen. Replace it by identical sensor type and it would be gone normally. 
  • Ok, I will report update here, thank you :)
  • You were right dude! Thank you for your awesome support! :)
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