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I have a Buccaneer 3D Printer that can only be connected to my computer Wirelessly. The printer company has their own application to run the printer but it is very limited and won't slice things properly no matter how simple it is. I'm trying to get it to be able to setup in Repetier host. When I'm connected to my printer I have it forced to a static IP Address to keep it from changing on me. When I run a search for what ports it uses I get:

Buccaneer - <Static IP Adress>  - Port 59955 (always on this port number)
Buccaneer - IPv4 loopback  - Port 60811 (changing port number)

Buccaneer - IPv4 unspecified  - Protocol UDP - Port 55386 (always on this port number)

When I setup the printer in Repetier-Host the only Port number that works is 59955 but it doesn't communicate anything. Repetier says the printer is connected but when I try to send a command I always get command waiting to send. Its almost like Repetier is hearing the printer, but not sending the commands to the proper port. It may easily be the printers firmware as I'm not entirely positive what the firmware really is. The printer use to use Marlin now I'm not so sure and I'm not sure if it can be found easily.


  • TCP assumes the same protocol as with serial connection. So it only works if TCP was implemented as a translation to serial in/out for a compatible firmware like Marlin/Repetier. So the fact it connects only means the port is there accepting connection. But is seems not to understand what host is saying so it may be no direct transfer to in/out or some extra protocol we do not speak. You should try connecting with a telnet application and send M115 to see what firmware it is and if it understands gcode at all. Then you may know more.
  • hi jeepguy42,

    seems you have the buccaneer with a cubieboard? 
    mine failed this week, i am looking for an update of the firmware, could you please mail the firmware to

    thank you very  much in advance
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