Webcam does not show up in Server Monitor 1.0.0

Hi, i have a lot of webcams configured in Repetier Server 0.93.1. They properly show up in browser but in Desktop Version with Repetier Monitor there's just a blank window with some 16x16px icon for an image which does not render.


It's the same for three webcams on different server instances (got 3 running at the moment)


  • That image is just chromes could not load image replacement. In my case I see the webcam, so main question is what is different in your case. Are these the normal pi controlled web cams or anything special on them?
    Could also be a permission problem - do you have users and are you then connected with api key or login/password?
  • Hi. sorry that was my own fault! i activated that snippet to prevent webcam access by apache

    so the difference is the web server config i wrapped over it - regarding to the the post we discussed here:

    so maybe this problem solves automatically with the next update?

  • Yes, update should fix it. If you use linux you can already try. Change version to 0.93.2 and you get a version with webcam solved. But be aware that this is not the final version for release. But no known printing problems with it so ok to use for testing/printing.
  • works well now. thanks for the hint. i removed my suspicious apache config lines now :-)
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