SD Card Print Monitoring?

I wondering if Repetier server can track SD card prints like Octoprint can. We want to be able to create printing reports for our 15 printers and don't want to setup and buy the stuff for Octoprint on each machine. I may have skipped over the answer in my search but if I havent, let me know or please point me in the right direction.


  • No, we need control over send data for our extended functions. That is why we decided to not use direct sd card print in server. Only if you print directly over server is possible and gets you all the benefits.
  • Was just looking for this info. Repetier Server is awesome and—unlike with OctoPrint—had no issue with paying cash for a licence. Printing from SD card directly and still having the option to monitor the print remotely would be neat but I do understand it is not possible. The thing is, while being a lot more stable and reliable than OctoPrint, I still get occasional disconnects that ruin my prints so direct print from an SD card would really be handy. Cheers.
  • Are you using a pi? Then check bolt menu if you get undervoltage sometimes.
    Also check in printer configuration if you have automatic continue on usb reconnect activated. Works in many cases, also not all. Then it would continue after a disconnect within seconds. As test unplug usb and reconnect during a test run.
  • Using genuine RPi power adaptors, seeing no undervoltage reports. USB cables short and shielded, with usb reconnect activated. Even enabled the ping pong comms. Now, this was with RPi 4. I have replaced it with a 3B+ today so will keep an eye on it. I do remember you mentioning in another discussion that it could be timing issue since the 4 is so much faster.
  • The timing issue was for a strange response. Timing should not cause any disconnect. But you should check /var/log/syslog at the time of disconnect to see why it happened. Apart from power I have also seen back EMF as reason to disconnect.
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