Can't get it from www browser?

well I have loaded server a couple of times and cannot get to the Win 8.1 machine from another machine on an internal network with the same ip range. I can ping the ip number and do get a response from another machine. Local host works but the printer does not, matter control works fine... Next step will be try an earlier version and see what happens with it!


  • First make sure to use the right ip. Localhost works only the machine where it is installed. Then you should check if your firewall prohibits access to port 3344, which is another reason not to see anything.
  • I got the printer configured and presently printing a two and a half hour job. Still only working on it own local host so far.

    I'll check the firewall setting when it finishes the job... Getting somewhere now :)
  • Had to put the rule in the Windows 8.1 firewall for port address 3344, works fine now :)

    I also registered it too, thanks for the help and pointing me to the firewall....

  • The webcam in the tablet is now working as well :)

    webcamXP 5
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