Override tick on fan, E temp, B temp

Could we have "override" tick on the fan, extruder temperature and bed temperature (flow?). 
That would filter the incoming requests from gcode to change these in future. Feature is most useful for fan speed - if wrong fan speed is forgotten or set in slicer/gcode then it could be set midprint. Currently if it's set then gcode might change the fan speed to value that was wrong and was remedied in UI, but it will keep resetting every time it thinks it has to (layer change etc.). 

The use case is that i'm seeing prints that need more cooling or less cooling than expected because of the geometry, but gcode keeps (re)setting the fan speed so i need to be scouting the entire print to set the desired fan speed. It is not needed all the time hence the "override" setting.


  • For fans that might be useful since some slicers add many change commands depedning on layer time, but it might be useful sometimes. Bed temperature is normally constant and not that important. For extruders I'm not sure. There are 2 cases - in one the temperature stays so no override required. In the second there is a reason to change temperatures like preventing oozing for inactive extruder and here it is not good to override. So I think here also it makes not really sense.
  • Can I assume that "permanent" tick on the fan now does what I proposed? I can't find any info about it in manuals or in changelog.
  • It makes M106/M107 being ignored if send from a gcode file if that is what you think.
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