More Stable T extruder

Hi! Repetier-server know how fans is on. What if add trigger for it and set another PID parameters (I think that will be good if i can set an other PID for fan is off an fan is on)?


  • Filament cooling fan should not have a big impact on extruder cooling and hence require no different PID values. If it really makes a big difference it is constructed wrong I'd say.
    Apart from this, it would be more part of the firmware to control PID not on server side. It is always good to fix problems where they are and not trying to misuse other software to do thing sit is not really responsible for.

    Of course you can write a little lua script running on server side that watches fan power and adjust PID to your liking, but it will never be a default component in server since I think it is the wrong place to solve it.
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