I currently use repetier-host with my mpcnc, I have just added a z probe. The probe works fine but I am at a loss of how I get the software to take in to account the height of the probe. I was advise that I just need to send a g92 z20 command and this should work. I think I am doing something wrong as once probed I can’t get it to lower the 20mm for the probe. If I use the g92 code and the display changes to show -20 but then doesn’t lower when I start the job. I am a completely novice at this so my help would be appreciated.


  • G92 is just setting an offset for coordinates. The question is here which firmware you are running and how you can change the Z with the probe in that case. This differs from firmware to firmware and is independent from host. Moreover firmware could take this height as absolute minimum, so you need to convince it that you can go lower. In repetier-firmware for example you use
    G30 R0 H20
    to tell it that it hits a 20mm material which surface should be considered Z=0 and where you want to be allowed to go 20mm down from.
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