"Can't update Chromium" pop-up message

After 2 hours of boot Chromium (chromium-browser/testing,now 78.0.3904.108-rpt1 armhf) ask to be updated, but performing an "apt update / apt upgrade" there is nothing to upgrade.
The notification pop-up is very annoying on the 3D printer display.
It's a build-in check of the application itself and should not happen if it's installed via apt from a repository as it's not able to upgrade from a package downloaded from the webpage like a Desktop PC.
I did not find how disable the check but I'm trying to delay it to 1 year adding the following Flag to the autostart file:
chromium-browser --check-for-update-interval=31536000

Is there a better solution than this one?



  • Is this with our server image for pi? Haven't seen that notice so far. There we start it like this:

    chromium-browser  --app-auto-launched --disable-pinch --incognito --noerrdialogs --disable-suggestions-service --disable-translate --disable-save-password-bubble --disable-session-crashed-bubble --disable-infobars --touch-events=disabled --disable-gesture-typing --kiosk --app= &

  • Yes, with the latest servers image "Image V20 with Repetier-Server 0.93.1 for Raspberry Pi", perhaps there is a new version of Chromium now that was not there before.

    I added the "check-for-update-interval" flag to the autostart file:
    chromium-browser --check-for-update-interval=31536000 --disable-features=TranslateUI --app-auto-launched --disable-pinch --incognito --noerrdialogs --disable-suggestions-service --disable-translate --disable-save-password-bubble --disable-session-crashed-bubble --disable-infobars --touch-events=disabled --disable-gesture-typing --kiosk --app= &

    I did not found how to disable the update check.

  • After some googling I found this saying chromium relies on package manager and does no autoupdate:

    But not updating seems then not to not show available version. On https://www.chromium.org/administrators/turning-off-auto-updates I only found the interval option you already found, so guess for next image I will add it just to be save side.
  • Ok, thank you!

    FYI this is the pop-up:
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