Resuming print after planned power loss

Hi all,
I have a kind of an urgent problem. I'm in the middle of a large print on my Prusa i3 Mk2, connected to a Raspberry with Repetier Server. In an hour or so they'll have to do an emergency repair on our power grid, which will mean we have no 230V in the house for several hours. 

I was thinking of the following:
1. Do a Full Stop in Repetier Server.
2. Move the printhead to the X, Y and Z zero positions.
3. Switch off the Raspberry and the printer.
4. ... [repairs taking place] ...
5. Switch on the printer and the Raspberry.
6. Resume the print.

Would this be the way to do it (would it work) or is there a better way?
Any suggestions really welcome, thx!
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