93.1 no longer compatible with older ipads

I’ve used an iPad 3 for over a year as a controller next to the printers for 92.0, and it worked fine. But with 93.1 the web pages no longer render, in Safari or Chrome. 

Any settings I can change, or am I just out of luck?


  • I'm not aware about any breaking changes - we use same libraries for html. Which page do you open - web gui or touchscreen? 
    Also what do you see - I don't think you are not seeing anything. Normally incompatibilites mean wrong rendered html page.

  • It is almost bare- a few icons that don’t work. And a blue block. No text, nothing useable. 
  • I see very damaged. Tried to install iOS simulator, but oldest available was 10.3.1 where it still worked. From my ipad 3 running ios 9 I got same error, but it could not connect to Mac Safari for debugging also it was seen. So I have currently no way to find out which small think makes it fail on old hardware. Normally an update would help but I know that is the last version available:-( Apple really makes it hard to test old hardware with always enforcing to use latest development tools.
  • Thanks for looking at it- I know how tough it is to keep up with all the browsers. 
    I’ll find another solution, maybe an old windows PC. Was just so convenient to use the pad.
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