Saving slicer setting and filament settings to pc for sd printing

So first of all I am new to all this and I am having issues with printing from sd card 
I can print good having my laptop connected. 
When I save g code to the sd card it seems like the cura config files and filament setting don’t save. 
I tried saving g code to file. Save Gcode to sd card and save gcode in the g code editor and won’t print good at all from sd. 

I would like to leave my printer printing without leaving my laptop connected. 
I have a geeetech a30m if it matters. 

So how can I save all my settings to sd card for it to print good ? Or 
how to I permanently upload all my settings to my printer ?


  • Uploading settings to printer sounds completely wrong. That is nothing you can do. All you can do is uploading sliced gcodes to sd card. The sliced gcode contains setting temperaturs etc as defined in your settings, so no settings are needed here. Just save the pure gcode. If you use the sd card save make sure binary is not enabled since that printer would not understand it. Apart from this the difference to saving in editor is that it strips all comments reducing file size a bit. Just select the file then when inserted in printer and it will print it unobserved. But remember that connecting to printer with host might reset it!
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