shutdown restart - motor power

Hi !
Since I run the 0.93.1 server, there is a change at the start. I have a rapsberry pi linked to an ultratronics board (Absolute machine).
Before, when I start the printer, immediatly the motor power is on and off. Then, after a couple of second, the server has finished his boot and connected to the Ultratronics, there is a second motor power on and off, and it was enough. :)

Now, there is also the first on and off power motor, but there is 4 or 5 on and off when the raspberry linked to the ultratronics... :|
I redo the printer setup from the beginning...Am I missed something ?

Thanks !


  • I think the motor on/off is happening when the printer board resets. We do not turn them on/off on connection actively. If server does not think it connected correctly it retries the connection. So maybe it needs some more retries now, also I can not say why it should now take more tries, but sometimes it in deed does not work on first try.
    Retry normally happens after 10 seconds if we got no response from firmware. What is the time between the motor responses?

    What happens if you deactivate and then activate the printer. Does it still need multiple tries?
  • Thanks !!
    No, this is maybe 2 or 3 seconds between each on/off. I will try tomorrow morning for the deactivate/activate. I have a 30 hours of printing now ! :)

    Should it be possible that the repetier firmware of the printer need to be update or modify, due to a small incompatibilty between firmware and server ?

    Thank you
  • Firmware update should not be required for that reason. Only if you want a new feature in firmware.

    If it does not happen with deactivate it is a chance that linux is disconnecting the usb. Check /var/log/syslog for disabled usb devices at that time.
  • Hi !
    So: when I activate/deactivate from the dashboard, it's ok. Only one on/off.
    When I use the "reboot server" or hard machine start , there is 3 or 4 On/Off.

    Do you have an idea ? Usb problem ?

  • Pi power supply is my guess here. On startup you have high cpu load. But only checking /var/log/syslog for usb actions like disable from linux would show that for sure. If there is no hint of linux disconnecting them you can ignore the fact.
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