0.93.1 DHCPCD static IP

I have to reinstall on my raspberry repetier server pro, last week. I decided to use 0.93.1.
But, I spent 3 hours because of the ip static problem, and the apt DHCPCD...Why ?
There is nothing on the raspbian+repetier install, especially the needed DHCPCD. I have to use in my company the static ip,
and I think i'm not alone. After 20 tries, I remark that the DHCPCD was not installed...
As soon I get it, I was able to set up the static ip. I think it should be nice to solve this problem, I'm not alone to use the static IP.
Is it possible to have also a short but clear how-to ?

Thanks a lot.



  • Actually the image uses NetworkManager which has build in dhcp client. But addresses assigned via dhcp are not static addresses. For real static addresses go to gloabl settings->wlan->wired connection to give our ethernet connection a static ip if that is what you wanted. I'm not totally sure what you want to achieve that requires DHCPCD - I never needed it to get addresses assigned by dhcp server so far.
  • Thanks for the answer ! In fact, the wifi was forbidden in my company (Why ? Sometimes people are paranoiac...) So, we cannot find any solutions to connect the server, except if we set up the dhcpcd.conf, available with DHCPCD package. Maybe we are wrong, but after a couple of test and hour, that the only running solution...
  • Did you also try setting ip directly as provided with ethernet configuration in WLAN tab? Of course now it might interfere with DHCPCD so guess you might just stay with working solution.
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