number of lincenses exceeded only 4 used

i have a problem:
I have a Repetier-Server Pro license for 5 installations,
one of my sd-cards is broken so i can not deaktivate the license on this installation.
I used 5 devices, 4 are aktivate but i can not aktivate the last one (nr. 5).
How i can deaktivate the license when the device is broken?

Lukas aka mrschmock


  • See message I send you.
  • Hello, I'm in the same situation. I forgot to deactivate the licence on a previous installation of Repetier-Server on a raspberry pi. 
    May I do something?

  • One of the reasons you get 5 licenses. If they are used up due to such problems send a mail to with code and ask for a reset and we do it for you.
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