Rescue System takes too long time to recover

I've tried the rescue system in pro. server yesterday.

Since my USB network isn't stable. the printers in my USB sometimes fails due to connection.
Although it can reconnect in a second, but the print jobs still stopped and keep heating.

I am surprised that the rescue system really works when a fault happened at the beginning of a print.
But, when the fault happened after an hours of print, the rescue system will take VERY LONG time to recover.

I've no idea when the status of the printer shows "Replaying already printed G-code ...".
Is here any improvement of the rescue system? I don't want to back to the skill which editing g-code manually to resume the print.


  • I've found some mistakes. It resume when I reheated the hot end and heat bed.

    but it doesn't start heating automatically, the temperature shows in red text but physically not heating.
    also. I've no idea that the rescue system cannot restart automatically.

    I want to have a auto resume system. the reason of failure i am already know.
  • What firmware are you using? Currently only repetier-firmware works correct with heating since I forgot in other firmwares to add

    <!-- Recover replays print but only executes the commands below. Temperature wait commands can be replaced
    by the non waiting equivalent. Server will wait before the first move until the last set temperatures are
    reached. It will also activate the correct extruder before continue. -->
    <execute code="G20"></execute>
    <execute code="G21"></execute>
    <execute code="G90"></execute>
    <execute code="G91"></execute>

    <execute code="M82"></execute>
    <execute code="M83"></execute>
    <execute code="M85"></execute>
    <execute code="M92"></execute>
    <execute code="M104"></execute>
    <execute code="M106"></execute>
    <execute code="M107"></execute>
    <execute code="M109" replace="M104"></execute>
    <execute code="M140"></execute>
    <execute code="M141"></execute>
    <execute code="M163"></execute>
    <execute code="M190" replace="M140"></execute>
    <execute code="M191" replace="M141"></execute>
    <execute code="M200"></execute>
    <execute code="M201"></execute>
    <execute code="M202"></execute>
    <execute code="M203"></execute>
    <execute code="M204"></execute>
    <execute code="M280"></execute>
    to the firmware.xml file. So it does not send the heating commands listed here when replaying the gcode and that will make it not reach temperature at the end so waiting forever.

    To automatically recover you need a firmware giving the correct hints which currently is Repetier-Firmware 1.0.4 dev or 2.0alpha. I'm not aware of any other firmware sending the required messages. Hence you need to manually define restart position and start.

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