Pi4 two screens


is there a plan to implement a second browser window on a second TFT with Pi4? We have some discussions if it make sence when having connected 2 printers. Are ther pros and cons which have to be considered?
Thank you


  • No plans from our side. 
    Do you know if you can tell chromium to open 2 urls on different monitors in full screen mode at all? That would be the requirement that it works at all.
    The other thing is that the second monitor is controlled via hdmi while the normal printer monitor normally uses gpio pins or the internal hdmi cable including touch support. That makes it more difficult to get it working in touch mode as well - guess you need in addition a usb adaptor and some config work to get both work correctly.
    So as you see it is not that easy and not really supportable from our side to help with such complex problems.

    Technically it is just starting 2 windows with same app so you have 2 independent screens showing independent informations - for the server software it self not a problem. So if you manage to get above mentioned problems solved you can do it. If you solve the 2 window problem I would even add this to our images or even add your solution in faq to help others with same wish.
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