Installing Repetier Server with Klipper

This YouTube video
got me VERY interested in Repetier Server but I can't find any instructions on how to carry out the installation.
In part 1, he showed Octoprint, obviously using Klipper, but in this particular video, I can't tell if he's still using Klipper or gone back to Marlin.

So I downloaded Repetier Server and installed it on my Pi by over-writing my Octopi / Klipper installation.  Everything seemed to install correctly, but I couldn't get it to connect to the printer.  Someone on the Klipper Facebook page was helping me out and told me that I shouldn't have over-written the klipper install.  Repetier and Klipper both need to be running (but not Octopi?)

I've gone back to the beginning.  I have reinstated Klipper / Octopi on the Pi's SD card and ready to have another crack, but I don't know where to start.

Unfortunately, after looking at the interface on my Mac (and the linked YouTube video) I am unlikely to want to give up on this project.  I even bought myself a 7"  Pi screen.

Anybody out there got some installation advice?

Cheers in advance.


  • You are mixing things here. Octopi is a linux installation that has everything required to run octoprint set up the octoprint way. 
    Klipper is a firmware that is split in 2 parts - the one on printer and one half on the pi that communicates with printer and repetier-server OR octoprint through /tmp/printer file (set in port).
    To get repetier-server to work best you should install it by using the repetier-server image. That gives support for webcam and touchscreen and opens webbrowser already correctly and allows configuration of wifi from repetier-server gui. If you do not do that and install it on octopi (which is possible) you loose all that.

    Then you follow the klipper instructions on how to install klipper. Do that on server image then you have a running klipper plus running server. Once both run add the printer to server - set firmware ti Klippe rand Port to /tmp/printer. Baud rate, rts/dtr does not matter here. It should now connect and you see in console if everything is correct with your printer.

    If you have further questions please tell us the exact place and problem.
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