First Layer hight different between Repetier Server and Simplify 3D


I've been trying for 2 weeks now and can't find a solution. Maybe one of you can give me a helpful hint how I can solve the problem.


Currently I am using the latest version of Slicer Simplify 3D. For printing directly on the printers I use Repetier Server on a computer, because I like it quite well (I installed a filamentsensor and also the file management and several printers I like very much)


My process:

File in SLT format is read in Simplify and converted to GCODE and stored on the computer. The GCODE file is transferred to the server using Repetier Monitor. There I start the printing via "Print" with Repetier Server.

All settings of Gcode (Start Code, End Code, ...) are entered in Simplify. On the server there are no further lines under the headings (Start Code,...)


Now to my problem:

I've made the test again and again with several different slt files to upload the Gcode once to RepetierServer with the above described procedure and once to print it directly from Simplify 3d. These are completely the same files and even when checking the Gcode in Repetier Server and in the saved file I can't find any differences.

But for some reason my printers always print the correct layer height in the first layer when printing directly from Simplify. But if I print the same file in Repetier Server, the printer moves 0.4 mm higher in the first layer, the layers after printed correct. This way the printer only puts the filament on the print pad and it always comes off during printing.

Also for information: I have activated Autobedleveling over 7 points, don't know if this makes a difference between these two systems. Or do I have to pay attention to something in the configuration of the printer or change it. If I need, so I will change everything regarding Repetier Server, I would prefer to do so as I never print from Simplify.

Printer firmware on all printers is Skynet 3D – same configurations on all printers.


Many thanks in advance




  • First thing to know is that server does not add moves to your gcode. It will send your start gcode from printer configuration in server and then the gcode you print and at the end the end gcode from server config.
    If the physical print differs, you should have a look at the start/end gcode in server config (PrinterSettings->GCode->Event Dependent).

    If print is physically identical you can ignore it. Then the gcode confuses the server interpreter which extracts z from gcode. But normally it shows the z coordinate which is last Z in moves.
    G92 Zxx can change shown Z position. We show physical Z not send Z so if you do
    G1 Z1
    G92 Z0

    you would see Z=1 also Z internally for commands is 0. Server knows that you are still 1mm above home height and shows that value. This is a known trick to fix wrong homing position, also it is not one that should be used. You better would fix homing position to be correct.
  • Hi Repetier,


    thank you for your answer. Wath you mean with " fix homing position to be correct" should I correct the z-Offset from the printer configuration? Sry im realy new at this topic =).


    Thank You


  • The question is if you use that trick or not. If you have no G92 Zxx in your start code then you can ignore it.

    If you have, your printer is not set up correctly and you try to fix that error by adding an artificial correction in the start code. How to fix that depends on printer. If you have no z probe you need to change bed height or trigger point of z end stop. When correctly configured G28 Z0 with z min homing should and at z=0 physically and also internally reported by M114. 

    You can leave your trick if you can live with it - just do not wonder about different z heights in server. Print will still be same as with simplify directly. It is only the value you see on screen that is then off by the z you compensate with the trick.
  • Hi Repetier,

    no I don’t have it in the code, I have solved now in another way by setting the printer z height as you have written if I understand right in the second post ;-). And this looks fine until now:

    1) Start a print created with Simplify in the way as described in message with a layer high from the first layer of 100 Percent (so should be the 0.1mm) so should be the first Extruder height 0.1 form the bed.
    2) Load the Gcode into Repetier server and start the printing process
    3) After homing with G28 and Autobedleveling with G29 let the printer start the first layer.
    4) Some seconds after the start of the first Layer I make a emergency stop in Repetier server, now I have the actual layerheight from Repetier server (should be 0.1) but it’s to height.
    5) Take the y axis in front that I can remove the printed lines and take the Extruder again in the middle of the bed, without change of the z axis
    6) Go with G1 Z-... (example G1 Z-0.1 ,...) so many steps down until only a sheet of paper can take under the extruder (as I do for normal leveling). Now I know the difference between the actual z high and the should be Z high.
    7) This value I calculate to the offset, so if its G1 Z-0.1 its fine and the actual offset its 4.0, so I set now the offset to -4.1
    8) So the printer now starts in Repetier server with the right height ;-)

    I hope I write it understandable if someone other if someone has the same problem =).

    Thank you so much for the help.
    Best regards

  • That sounds like the print normally would start 4mm above the bed without your addition which I could not follow fully. Can you show the original start of the gcode you have.

    Also helpful if you send G28 or G29 manually check what server thinks at which Z you are and then in console send M114 to query firmware what firmware thinks what Z is. You might also sync firmware with server sending a
    G1 Z0.2
    after them so server thinks you are at 0.2 and you told firmware to move there as well. Or send even
    G1 Z0
    then you should be a bed level since z=0 is the definition for bed level.

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