Snapshot for report and light control

Hi together,

I have the following problem:

I added some light control to my G-Code. When the print starts I turn on the light. When the print is finished I turn of the light after some time.

Begin of print:
;@execute lighton M115 U3.6.0 ; tell printer latest fw version G90 ; use absolute coordinates ...CUT...
End of print:
M84 ; disable motors G4 S30 M84 ; Dummy to delay lightoff... ;@execute lightoff ...CUT...
The M84 before the "lightoff" is only that the G4 S30 has any effect. Otherwise the light switch immediately off.

If I activate now "Take snapshot" to the report settings the snapshot is always made in the dark (after the light is off). How can I avoid this? Is there any possible way switch the light of AFTER the snapshot?

Thanks in advance.



  • The problem is here the buffering and execution time. There is a server command (requires version 0.93.0 or later)

    that floods the firmware with M400 to ensure further execution only when previous commands are executed. The snapshot is only triggered and executed in a different thread so you need a delay in between. So I guess this end script should work as expected:
    G4 S10
    ;@execute lightoff

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