R-Serve can't distunguish between printers

I want to connect two printers to Repetier Server (one Geeetech A10M and one homemade). R-Server is running on RPI and both printers are connected via USB (directly to RPI - no USB hub). 
I created two different printer definitions in R-Sever but only one becomes active depending on which printer is switched on first.  If I switch on the A10M it connects but then the second is ignored...and vice versa. I can't get both printers connected in parallel (the second printer definition on R-Server always shows "not connected").
Both printers run on on Marlin 1.1.8 and have the same board (GT 2560). How can I make R-Server to detect the printers individually? Is there a port or ID setting I need to change?



  • Yes, that is no problem. YOu need to connect them always to same usb port and then use /dev/serial/by-path/... to detect which one it is. /by-id will be the same for both so is not suitable to distinguish.
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