how can I add start and end code

I have been using repetier-host for a while now printing small 3d objects.

I have seen a piece of info about using the 3d printer as a plotter.

I have printed a pen holder and would like to add some information to the g-code software to set the printer up before running the g-code plotting program and then some end code to 'park' the head after running.

I have opened the CuraEngine settings/print and changed the start G-code program to one I have saved as 'plotting prog'.

I have changed the box at the top of the 'print' tab from default to plotting prog. I have altered a few other things and also changed the box at the top of the 'filament' tab to plotting prog.

I saved all this and then went back to 'slice with CuraEngine' it sliced and said my stl programme 'is not manifold', I can perhaps cure that with the instructions how to but it also shows the default code in the g-code editor?

I loaded up my file to the 3d tools repair and it has been in a queue for over an hour?

could there be another reason why when I try to slice I still get the default start and end g-codes in the editor?

The windows and linux documentation booklet button is greyed out so it won't download the documentation from your documentation page for me to try to find the answer there?



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