Connecting to another Server via TCP/IP

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I have searched the forums and I can't find the issue that I am having.  So if it is elsewhere, I apologize.   I have two printers and 2 Raspberry Pi's.  I originally installed both printers to 1 pi via USB cable and it worked perfectly.  I then purchased another pi so I could move one of my printers to a different room and just connect via TCP/IP with ethernet (not WiFi), Copied the Repetier-Server image to the new pi, assigned a static IP and it was working under its own IP Address. So I logged into the first instance of Server and added the printer via TCP/IP.    I got connected via TCP/IP,  then it would drop the connection, then it kept bouncing to connected to not connected.  Anyone have a solution to this issue?   Is it something I am not doing correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • That is not supposed to work if I understand you correctly. The TCP/IP connector is for printers offering a telnet port instead of usb connection, not to connect to an other repetier-server.
    Each server needs to connect to it's printer with usb as usual and you need to enter the right ip in browser to use the one or other server.

    You can use the new Repetier-Server Monitor if you want one interface for both servers. Server connects to multiple servers and shows all printers in one ui.
  • Understood....thank you for the clarification.  Is it possible to use a Pi and my touchscreen to run Server-Monitor on that and get the same interface for each printer?   I do use the server monitor and added both IP's (printers) and that is working good, just didn't know how well the Server-Monitor would run on a pi with a touchscreen..
  • There is no compilation that works on a pi since it is not an intel processor. But the monitor was also made for bigger pc and monitor without explicit touch screen support.
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