Printer suddenly stops mid print

Hi, I'm trying to print to a Tronxy X3A (Marlin v. 1.0) with Repetier-Host 2.1.3 and the print starts of ok, but then suddenly stops with an error message about communications. I've gone into the windows settings and changed the buffer to the lowest settings, but it doesn't help. I'm using the slic3r software. It's pretty random where it will stop. Anyone have any ideas about why it suddenly stops? It prints fine off a microsd card. It's very infuriating.



  • Assuming you see timeout messages in log and no responses from printer firmware any more: 

    So also serial connection is still open the firmware either crashed or the communication stack has a problem preventing communication to further work. This happens if power is not stable enough or if there is somehow cross talk to communication cables. Disconnect usb unpower printer and restart it and communication will work again. To prevent it form happening again you need to find the source. Use other usb cable, other usb port, check if cables come close to high power cables like heaters or motors. If it happens frequently you can also try to print in dry run mode if firmware supports it. That disables heaters and the most frequent source of such problems. If the problem then disappears you know where to look for.
  • Thanks. I have already tried unplugging restarting etc. etc. but that doesn't work. But I have reduced the bed to 50C and the nozzle to 220C and this seems to have helped. I'll see how it goes.
  • Well, I set the nozzle temp to 215C and the bed to 50C and started a 3h:45 min print job. 15 minutes from the end, it stopped. The error is:
    Printing layer 664 of 692
    Printing layer 665 of 692
    Communication timeout - reset send buffer block.

    I think you folks need to take a serious look and sort out your communication protocols because this application is simply not reliable/robust enough to be useable.
  • You missunderstand where the problem lies I described. It is not the protocol that fails. The communication between board and windows freezes for some reason. It can be in serial-usb converter on printer board or in windows serial usb driver. We just get no further response so problem lies outside the control of our software. Reason for crash can be the mentioned voltage stability crashing the converter or causing wrong transmissions. That is why I said to try dry run as test to reduce the changes if the power supply does not correct it fast enough.
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    Well, I do not have this problem when I am using Cura to print. Also, when I try Repetier, I notice that the LCD screen on the printer goes blank every 5 seconds or so. With Cura, it does not do this.
  • There is no command that blanks the lcd - the only thing is that sending M117 can change the last line. Can you test if M117 causes the blank screens? With the quite old Marlin 1.0 that might be a problem or source of the problem. In printer configuration in server you can also disable showing progress/eta on lcd which effectively stops sending the M117 commands.
  • Thanks, I have no clue either why the screen goes off then comes back on. I've been using Cura to print off a job and unfortunately can't waste anymore time right now. I just got a shielded USB cable so a few days ago so when I get a break I will try Repetier again. Would the baud rate be a factor? I have it set to 115200
  • Don't think baud rate is the reason. I once had a marlin version on my prusa that also cleared display sometimes, but that disappeared with the next update. Server can not clear lcd by commands - if it happens it is a problem firmware side that maybe gets triggered from something I don't know, but there is no command that says clear lcd.
  • I have 2 Printers Connected Through usb to a ras pi 3b running the server. One will stop randomly. some times both.
  • Please update to 1.4.3 and check console while printing. For linux we now include messages from linux about usb issues so it is much clearer. Also you see there if it is a timeout from an communication error or if it is linux disconnecting the connection for some reason (undervoltage, EMI).
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