Alternative Servers don't seem to work

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I've tried to register an alternative server in connectivity global setting but it doesn't work.
Some details about the configuration :
master server
  • piB+
  • raspbian
  • armel 0.51.1
  • printer connected and working
  • 2 users defined

slave server
  • virtual machine on a dell r610
  • ubuntu
  • amd64 0.51.1
  • no printer defined
  • no user defined
When I upload a gcode file it is processed by the pi, not by the slave server.
A wget <slave server ip>:<slave server port> on master server command line gives the landing page.
No relevant info in log file on master server.
Had missed something ?


  • No, that function is not finished. Only setup is finsihed.

    But it is also not supposed to do what you think. You still need to send gcodes to target server with this. The idea is that a server running on a pi could send long running computations like renderings or gcode generation to faster computers to reduce computation time.

    Printing can only be done by the server that is connected to the printer. Everything else would make no sense.
  • I don't speek about printing, I know it only can be done by the server where printer is connected. I talk about the analysis process occuring after upload that consumes all pi cpu time and perhaps the pre-printing process that loads the pi (I'm disconnected every time I launch a print).

    So, I'll wait for this feature, good luck again.
  • Does this feature working on 0.60.3 ?
    I just updated Repetier-Server on both the slow (where printer is connected : piB+) and fast server but I still have the pi at 100% CPU when uploading a gcode file.
  • No, I guess it will be included in 0.70. First we add some more small improvements, then comes distributed computing and then we will add slicing.
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