Repetier-Server Monitor and slug name


i am using the Repetier Server Monitor with the Upload Feature.

When Repetier Server Monitor creates the Upload Directory it use the "slug" tag.

Is there any way to rename the internal slug tag?

currently my printer name looks like this and its a little bit confusing for uploading new files if you have more printers on a server.

<name>Prusa i3 MK3s MMU2s</name>


  • The slug name is the one used internally to reference the printer since it is not containing non ascii chars and has never problems on file systems. It is derived from the printer name when you create it. If you have not much files in it easiest way is to download configuration and upload it as new printer and give it the right name you want. In your case you have added MMU2s later which is why it is missing.

    If you already have many files you need to stop server, rename the folder in storage directory and the config filename and eventually the slug term inside the config xml file and restart server. Then it should start using the new name.
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