Touchscreen doesn't show "Move" menu and others.

I've searched everywhere without success.
I've just installed the last Repetier Server on Raspberry Pi, linked via Serial at bigtreetech skr 1.3.
After the configuration, the touchscreen (kuman SPI 3.5") works correctly, but doesn't show "move" menu, "Temp. Graph" menu, "Extruders" menu.
Don't find any solution.
Have any ideas?


  • These only appear in home menu if the printer is connected and the active one. So go to printers menu and check if you are working on the correct printer and if it is marked connected. Maybe you have a second printer configured that is not online.
  • Hi,
    I have only one printer and is active, from web interface on the PC, i can homing axis and move everything, but from touchscreen i can’t do.
    The printer is active in web interface and in touchscreen interface.
  • Solved.
    The printer doesn't communicate with Repetier, because i did a mistake.
    Because i've connected through 2 wire serial port, i didn't remember to set the overlay of the BT port, and disabling the serial console on /dev/ttyAMA0.
    Thank you, now it's working normally.
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