How to remove slicing cracks after slicing

Hi all, I am a bit new to the 3D printing although I managed to print very good recently. There is one thing I cannot fix and even I was googling for it, but without luck. Also excuse my english if it s not very understandable... :)

There are small cracks after slicing of the model, if you check the attachment... if some walls are a bit thicker but not enough thick to have another "row" of printing material, it makes a kind of a crack between the two a-bit-more distant print rows (sorry, I`m not sure how in named this... also maybe a printed "path").
I think this should be filled with something, otherwise the printed model a crack in it and for example cookie cutters get filled in with food material. They are also visible and do not have good aesthetics, feels like not completed.
Could you help with this? Maybe it is a settings somewhere?


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