SD card error

I am using repetier for CNC milling , and am using SD card for GCode, Form last few weeks, when ever I tried to do something. am getting " SD card error ". The frequency is increasing every day and if it stops after 1hr. My whole work is waste and have to restart it again, 
Can you please suggest somthing for this. 
I feel its reading too fast. is there any way to reduce the speed of SD card reading ,



  • I assume you are talking about a sd card in the printer? As a first step I would reformat the sd card with sdformatter. If it still happens replace it with a new sd card and test again. It is either that the firmware has problems because the format has some defects grown over time or just because the sd card electron has defects like defekt blocks or something other. Especially if it worked good before with same firmware and acrd.
  • many times happens when I am printing something using the SD card they, I got the SD card error. many time SD card supported but many times not supported. so as the resulting printer not printing, so that for resolving this issue I used to take help from Hp tech support they help me to resolve these issues.  

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