Send print to multiple printers

Hello, I tried to find this topic but was unable. Is it possible to use Repetier Monitor to send a print to multiple printers or a group of printers without having to manually start the same print on each printer? If not, is there an API that would allow me to add this feature myself? Or has someone managed to do this already? Thank you!


  • No, that is not possible with any ui for Repetier-Server I know. For uploaded gcodes this is normally not possible anyway, only on same server with shared gcodes it would work.
    describes how to print a gcode you have as file directly on a printer. You can use that to make a simple script uploading it to all printers the same time.
  • Thanks for the reply! So if I wanted to print to all 16 of my printers, through 4 different servers, I would basically need to write a whole control program from scratch? Is there any way I can use your server monitor to make this easier?
  • Yes, with monitor you make script much easier. Each printer has a direct print folder if you activated automatic uploading. So the command is just copying a file into 16 known locations. So you could make a simple script with 1 parameter - the filename and just make 16 copies of the file.
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