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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to install Repetier-Server in a external laptop to control my 3D printer. It is possible to manage it that way? Installing repetier server in the windows machine and connection thru a USB-DB9 cable to the printer (US port on the touchscreen). Or is it necessary to modified the firmware at the touchscreen to can go further

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  • Firmware must be a compatible one and you need a serial driver for your cable so the com port will appear. Then communication should work.

    Not sure what you mean with the touchscreen. You will see it in the browser window on your laptop. If the printer has a touch screen you will see nothing there - just the regular stuff you already see. I guess you mean the printer has a build in touchscreen controlled by firmware. Our interfaces are web pages requiring a screen with an os that has a web browser running in kiosk mode to show touch interface.
  • Thank you very much for the quick response. I have been checking parallelly with the printer manufacturer (forum) and they stated the control/management of the printer thru USB is not possible due to the internal configuration of the motion control board. I paste the link to the forum in case someone else is searching for this info https://forum.raise3d.com/viewtopic.php?t=427

    I have tried to connect Repetier-Server to the printer over the LAN/WLAN unfortunately I'm unable to establish any connection between both. I can reach the printer with a ping. Do I need to open a particular port in the network?  
  • If this https://forum.raise3d.com/download/file.php?id=997&sid=3a7098a9353c76ed28eef6834a3e168e&mode=view
    is how it is connected internally you would need to remove the pcduino stuff and use the usb connection instead.

    Or you install repetier-server on pcduino which seems to be similar to the raspberry pi. But you then need to disbale the server software installed on it and replace it. Something you should only do if you are familiar enough with linux and stuff you need to modify. You can not use the pi image but need to install and configure it more or less manually. Naked server would be no problem I guess. Display can get tricky. Don't know how much power that board has and if it is enough to handle a chromium browser. So if you go that road on your own risk. I can not say it will work and also can not help you on most parts of it.

    Externally there seems to be no way to communicate directly with the printer board. Their software would need to provide a port that sends commands 1:1 through to server but that can easily conflict with own communication so guess that is not what they allow. It is just a unwanted usage scenario for the printer.
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