Wanhao i3 plus homing problem after extruder command


I'm using 0.93.1 on raspberry pi 3 + wanhao duplicator i3 plus, printer only works with Marlin firmware (or i couldn't be able to work with other ones), everything works perfectly but if you use extruder command under control panel (web interface) printer looses it's homing.

For example after printing you set X:20 Y:30 Z:40, removed your filament and added new one (usually i'm using clearing filament before change color), so you need to extrude some of the filament to prevent color mixing on the nozzle, web interface->Control Tab->Extrude->Down button, after couple of hits you saw that new filament's color is just fine, after that when you hit to Home button printer adjust Z:0 (not moving X or Y just lowering the Z to 0) and it thinks that home is complete, but real position is X:20 Y:30 Z:0 it's not home.

To fix it,i'm disconnecting printer from raspberry, switching off the power and rebooting the printer again, after click home button on the touch screen of the printer it does X:0 Y:0 Z:0, re-connecting the raspberry and continue to printing.

Any ideas what causing that? or is there a solution for it? Sorry for poor english.


  • Please open in web browser a second window, go to console and enable commands so you see what gets send to printer. If you see
    being send and x/y do not home it is a firmware issue. G28 is supposed to home all axes. Or do you need a different command to do so?
    If you see
    G28 Z0
    you only send Z homing and it would be ok. Depending on where you hit home there are several versions but should be visible from icon. The one with only home icon should home all and where X/Y/Z is added only that axis.
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