Repetier and Ender 5 Plus

So I just got an Ender 5 plus last week and I'm trying to use repetier host to run it given that I'm more familiar with the program and love the amount of configuration for fine tuning. I've run into the problem that while I can run the printer directly off of usb, it skips the auto-leveling step, eventhough the eeprom config bed leveling enabled option is set to "1". When I save to sd card the printer won't see the file and the best I've been able to figure out is that repetier saves as .gco files instead of .gcode files from creality's software. even after reinstalling it and only selecting .gcode as an associated file. so do I need a post slicing filter? If so I haven't been able to find much information on how to use that feature or what program I can even use for that.


  • You mean .gco files are not shown on it? You can use the regular save instead and write on sd card. Then you have full control over the file name. Also when using export to sd card make sure to not select binary format which is not readable for the ender. MAin difference between regular save and sd card safe is that the latter removes all comments.
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