Dashboard web cams do not show

I recently upgraded to 0.93.1 from 0.92.0 on my pi3's and now the web cam button on the dashboard does nothing at all (still shows the temp graphs). It used to work on the previous version. web cams still work on webcam view etc.
Hope you can help


  • It is a bug that will be fixed in 0.93.2. Was meant to fix a webview bug in 0.93.0 but my test environment worked a bit differently.
  • Is it possible to revert to previous version? I also miss this functionality
  • also, heated bed temperature is not showing up anymore
  • Heated be dis still working, but is stored differently in config now. Try reading heated bed in configuration if it got lost on upgrade.

    Due to this change downgrade is problematic and you loose some settings. Better to wait for the update. Won't be that long any more. We are feature complete and only testing/bug fixing new release. If it is too important change download link version to 0.93.2 and you get a linux version with fixed webcam handling.
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