Repetier-server won't load anymore - corrupted sd card

Hi, seems that something is wrong during boot process. I use it without any problem for a long time, then a day I came back to my home and server was down... unable to restart. Pi seems ok, replaced power supply, tested sd card in another Pi and same issue. I can open sd through windows so seems live. I know the most easy way is rebuild the sd card but i need to recover some projects already saved into the card. Where is stored? Is tit possible? There is a way to fix bootloader?

Thank you for your help.


  • On windows/mac you normally only see boot partition. That makes it hard to rescue the data. The error is on the other partition and has at least destroyed some important parts to boot correctly. Don't know how far you come with booting. The kernel it self is in boot partition but the rest in the other ext4 formatted partition. If you can read ext4 because you have a driver or using linux (also in virtual solution) you can backup /var/lib/Repetier-Server which contains all settings, gcodes, databases, ...

    If you can recover that create a new image and replace the same folder with your backup data. Only thing is if that folder has also a filesystem corruption some parts might not work. But as long as configs and databases are in tact there should be no big problems.
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