Sort by last printed, and marking possibilities

Could it be possible to sort the files in each group by "last printed". Could be useful when it gets a lot of files and you need to find the right one fast. Often the right one is based on what was printed last (not neceseraly .

A second suggestion to this, is to be able to set a custom filter, inside a group.
Example of use:
You have printer a lot of different parts and iterations for a product. At one point you want to print all the part that are decided to be the final ones. If you could mark files, as you go, to be "final version" in some way, and then filer by that marking, it would be a lot easier to find the right files among maybe 100 files (if its a big assembly).
Of course you could just make another group and put them in there, but that often results in a lot of groups/folders.


  • Lats printed is nothing we store. Actually when you print we make a copy if it is from an existing and print the copy. There is also the option to use direct print without intermediate storage.Only thing is when a print finishes we look if it exists in gcodes and set printing time, but not date of last print. We might add that info at least in the same task, but there will also be files never printed and more important there is no column for it. Will see.

    Regarding extra mark that is very special but already possible using notes. In notes you can add anything as text that you want. So if you say line 1 is for tags and you have a tag "final" you can enter in search "final" and will see all gcodes marked with that. Advantage is you can also add more informations to look for.
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