Smart plug

Hello ! i'm new in the repetier community, i have an idea but don't knok how to realize it, so basicaly i would like to be able to turn on and off my printers on the webpage, my server is running on raspi and i have 3 printers, the idea would be to use this type of plug : and to have buttons on the webpage to turn on and off the printers, the thing is that, after some research, i found that i should use @execute command, and i don't have any knowledge on this type of command.
so i would like to have a little help to understand the method that i should use
thanks in advance


  • If you check the forum you will already several smart plug solutions that work. Basically you need a linux script that when run turns it on/off. If you have that you can do what is described in manual in advanced settings  for extcommands.xml to add it as menu entry or to make it a @execute command to be used inside gcode or both.
    I can't say if for exactly that model there is a solution here as they all get controlled differently, but you surely learn there how to integrate it.
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