Unable to connect to Duet2 Wifi


I am unable to connect Repetier server to my 3d printer running with a Duet2 Wifi bord. 
Connection form the Internet browser from the same computer to the printer works fine.
Duet2 has latest Firmware running in Reprap mode. 
Do I Need to specify a TCP/IP adres and a port? If Yes, what Port? Tried 23 but no success.
Any tips?



  • Yes, you need to specify ip and port. You also need to activate the telnet port in configuration or it will not exist. In the config tool you find it in the Network tab.
  • i am having same issue. i have ip and port 23(telnet) port specified but cannot connect, as a thought i do not see anywhere to input the password for the duet wifi
  • There is no password needed to connect over telnet port. It just takes control.
    But you need to activate it in the RepRapFirmware configuration otherwise port will not show up and make connection impossible.
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