Connection Lost to Web Interface


I apologize if this has been asked before, I wasn't able to find anything related to my problem.

For the most part Repetier Server works awesome. I have 5-6 printers connected to it and it makes life nice and easy managing them. Until I lose connection to the web interface. It doesn't happen often, maybe once a month at most, but when it does it's a huge inconvenience because I can't start any new prints, pause anything, etc, until all my prints are done and I can restart the service on the server. As I write this I have 2 printers waiting for new jobs and at least 15-20 hours before my last print is done (and of course during Christmas rush season).

I was hoping there is some way to reset just the web interface portion, or if there was a known fix for the problem that could help avoid this in the future.

I just recently updated to the latest software version and it's running on Ubuntu 18.04 server. It's running on a desktop system and the RAM usage is around 80%, CPU use is minimal. Telnet works on port 3344 so the server is listening for connections but that's about all I've been able to find.

Any ideas would be hugely appreciated.


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