Cura and Repetier on a Da Vinci 2.0a

Does anyone happen to have to Cura settings or a Cura profile for a Repetier 0.92 flashed Da Vinci 2.0a? Also, where do you set the distance between the nozzles for Repetier 0.92? I want to replace the nozzles on my Da Vinci 2.0a with a Jiaboyu 12V MK8 Dual Extruder Hotend DIY 3D Printer All Metal Assembled and need to set this distance. Can you think of anything else I would have to update in 0.92 after making this switch?


  • Distance between extruders are defined in eeprom so just use eeprom editor. In repetier firmware distance is in steps not mm, so convert them correctly.
  • How many steps for Da Vinci 2.0a?
  • Distance between nozzle * steps per mm - how much ever that is in your case.

    If you switch between T0 and T1 the selected extruder must be at the same spot as old extruder then value is correct.
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