Retract within perimeter


I am busy printing a container which has five circular holes and a square at the bottom. What I find is that when Curaengine prints the first layer, it prints the outer perimeter and then starts printing the circular holes inside the perimeter without retraction. This causes a lot of stringing and some of the holes slide off. How do I enable retraction on my first layer so that no stringing occurs?

I have tried the following print,, and it prints perfectly with retraction working as it should, but I notice that retraction does not happen when holes are within a perimeter.

Is there a setting that can enable retraction within perimeters on first layers?


  • As far as I know there are only Minimal Travel/Extrusion before retract influencing if retract is done or not. I'm not aware of a layer dependency, but I haven't written the slicer so can not say 100% here. But I see no reason to omit first layer retraction.
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