Visual Bed Levels

Good Friday! I bought the server and I am loving all the features where I can attach multiple printers to a Raspberry Pi 4.  I have 2 Prusa Bears currently in my growing print farm and I would like to be able to see my bed level (i.e. like Pusa Mesh Map) so that I can adjust my level manually via a mod I did to my bear with the nylon lock washers.  

Does Repetier have an add-on that can help me?


  • I'm sorry to say, but there is no solution for z calibration. That is a quite complex theme as different firmware use different solutions that change over time and with different fork.

    Just had a look into that running manually
    G28 W

    And got

    9:47:37.531: Num X,Y: 7,7
    9:47:37.531: Z search height: 5
    9:47:37.534: Measured points:
    9:47:37.538: 0.07417 0.15204 0.23148 0.31250 0.39509 0.47926 0.56500
    9:47:37.546: 0.10611 0.15586 0.21164 0.27343 0.34123 0.41506 0.49491
    9:47:37.550: 0.13111 0.15485 0.18793 0.23037 0.28216 0.34330 0.41380
    9:47:37.554: 0.14917 0.14898 0.16037 0.18333 0.21787 0.26398 0.32167
    9:47:37.562: 0.16028 0.13827 0.12895 0.13231 0.14836 0.17710 0.21852
    9:47:37.567: 0.16444 0.12272 0.09367 0.07731 0.07364 0.08265 0.10435
    9:47:37.575: 0.16167 0.10231 0.05454 0.01833 -0.00630 -0.01935 -0.02083

    Nice idea to enter the script to measure. Maybe that would be a way around the many solutions. Also responses also differ. Repetier-Firmware e.g. has either G33 L0 which returns corrections with xy positions as list and has no function to measure points and show. You would need to run G30 at each point manually. 
    It also depends if you want to see error before or after correction.
    But I keep the idea in mind.
  • Thanks for the quick reply.  There is a GitHub site by PCBoy that helps with the adjustment.

    Maybe this would help with the visual.

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    Passing on the Repeter server is the only negative point I lost to Octoprint: the Meshbedlevel
    Actually it will be really great to have an add-on Repetier
  • Yes, but what should it do? Looking for leveling in octoprint I see 5 plugins and all are very specilized working only on one special firmware or doing manual leveling with some help.

    I see a good chance to add a manual leveling. There commands are the same for all firmwares. 
    Automatic bed leveling could maybe done with a gcode editor where you add the required commands. Here it already starts. G29 or G32/G33 or ...

    For visualizing height maps there are many ways and commands again. For marlin I have seen G29 T and G81 as used in prusa version. Repetier does not have it only G33 L0 for distortion correction. You would need to measure all points and then results depend on the fact if G30 includes correction or not. So for a general solution I'd use a solution with G30 where you have to provide script and rule to extract distance since answers also vary between firmwares and forks. But then Prusa has disabled G30...

    I guess you see the problem for a 1 catches all solution. So maybe manual method as general solution plus possibility to add a bit more if user knows how it's variant likes to do it might be the best solution. Maybe we find over time some good presets for different popular variants with help of some users.
  • I think what will be nice is to get a visual on how 'good' or 'bad' your bed is currently.  I don't think we need corrections what I use the visual function is to physically adjust the machine screws to get it true level so that the firmware does not have to compensate for an out of level print surface.
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    1+ I'm looking to do visual like rspangle said and then do manual physically adjustments to the bed. 
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