DHT-22 For Chamber Temperature

I noticed you can display heated chamber temperature in Repetier Server. I have a DHT-22 connected to my Raspberry Pi that provides temperature and humidity in my printer enclosure.  Is there a way to script or otherwise get these DHT-22 temperature readings to be displayed in Repetier Server?


  • Don't think so. For chamber the C: part on firmware temperature report is read. Since you say it is in the pi I see no way to inject it to chamber temperature at the moment. there is no api call for that.
  • No worries, thanks for the quick and helpful response.
    Is there a log/window or anywhere we can update with custom text/logging (using API/REST/etc) that can be viewed within Repetier Server web GUI?
  • Sorry again no. I plan to add a monitor function for extra data collected by a script like cpu load, disk space, temperature, ... that would then be the place to add it. But it not there as other things have higher priority at the moment.
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